Illuminating & Enlightening

Illuminating and Enlightening






We are manifestation coach specifically teaching the how to manifest and Identifying False Subconscious limiting beliefs and help the people to achieve the Loving relationship that deserve along with Your Dream JOB, Dream Home and Money.

Our coaching is for informational purposes and does not, expressly or by implication, promise, warrant or guarantee success or specific results.

You agree that your ability to meet or achieve your goals depends on many factors, including your knowledge and skill, dedication, character, creativity and/or attitude and/or the ability to integrate knowledge and apply the concepts learned.

Client Responsibilities: Clarify the responsibilities of the client, such as being open to the coaching process, actively participating in sessions, and implementing recommended strategies.


Confidentiality: Establish confidentiality and privacy provisions to ensure that all client information shared during coaching sessions remains confidential unless otherwise agreed upon or required by law.


Payments and Fees: Outline the coaching fees, including any upfront payments, instalment options, or cancellation policies. Specify whether the fees are refundable or non-refundable.


Scheduling and Rescheduling: Define the process for scheduling coaching sessions, rescheduling requests, and any limitations or penalties for missed or cancelled appointments.


Results and Guarantees: State that while the coach will provide guidance and support, they cannot guarantee specific outcomes or results. Manifestation is a subjective process influenced by various factors.


Termination: Explain the conditions under which either party can terminate the coaching agreement, including any notice periods or associated fees.


Intellectual Property: Clarify ownership and usage rights of materials, resources, or intellectual property shared by the coach during the coaching process.


Limitation of Liability: Include a clause that limits the coach’s liability for any potential damages or losses incurred during or as a result of the coaching process.


Governing Law: Specify the jurisdiction and laws that govern the terms and conditions and any potential disputes that may arise.


In case, any dispute or difference arises between client(s) and the Company regarding the interpretation of these terms and conditions, non-payment of any claim or any dispute arising out of or in pursuant to these terms and conditions, the same shall be referred to sole arbitrator who shall be appointed by mutual consent of the parties. The proceedings shall be conducted at Jamshedpur, India under the provisions of Arbitration & Conciliation Act and the Courts at Jamshedpur, Indiaonly shall have the jurisdiction over the matter and/or for enforcement as the case may be. The Courts at Jamshedpur, India shall have exclusive jurisdiction (subject to the arbitration proceedings which are to be also conducted at Jamshedpur, India) over any or all disputes arising out of these terms and conditions and the parties hereby submit themselves to the jurisdiction of such Courts and/or Tribunals.



I Hereby Declare That I’m Here on My Own Will and With Consciousness.

I Agree to Follow All the Rules of Manifestation Discussed with The Coach.

I Take the Responsibility of The Result, Whatever It Is.

I Won’t Held Coach/Mentor Responsible for Or Under Any Legal Situation.

I Am Aware That I Cannot Demand the Refund Unless It Is a Technical Issue from Their Side.

I have read/ gone through with the Terms and Conditions and agreed with the same.

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